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If you have a business in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, you may be searching for a way to install beautiful countertops. In the past, commercial countertops were almost always made of laminate, simply because the cost of stone was prohibitive. In recent decades, however, new technologies have made the extraction and finishing of stone much more efficient. With the process now faster and less work-intensive, the cost of fine stone is much more affordable. If you want the natural beauty and elegance of stone working for your enterprise, investigate the possibility of installing stone countertops.

Commercial Stone Suppliers

There are several stone suppliers that provide service to the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Here are some points to consider when selecting a stone supplier for your business:
  • Experience. Find out if the supplier has done other projects similar to the one you're undertaking. If you are planning to install stone countertops in every suite in a hotel, for example, ensure that the supplier has completed similar types of renovations. Institutions such as retirement homes, universities, and restaurants in the Kitchener-Waterloo area have recently installed stone countertops. Most suppliers have a list of previous projects on their website. If you can, visit one of the projects and ask to inspect their work. Talk to previous customers to see what their experience with the company was like. Was the job done on time? Were they pleased with the results? Did costs match the initial estimate?
  • Expertise. The supplier you choose should have a well-established business employing knowledgeable staff who can help you make decisions about stone. The installation staff should be professional, efficient, and should clean up any mess that might occur during the process. The company should have a good track record and should be able to provide you with recommendations from previous clients.
  • Choice. Better stone companies maintain a showroom featuring hundreds of types of stone in various price ranges. Granite is found in virtually every region of the world, and is available in hundreds of different colours and colour combinations. Brightly coloured or vividly patterned stone is generally more expensive. Some companies also carry quartz, an engineered stone that's very durable and highly suitable for commercial use.
  • Comprehensive Service. Make sure that the company you choose can provide everything you need with regard to the project. Stone, fabrication, and installation should be a seamless process.
  • Technology. With a large project, efficiency is key, and with stone fabrication, technology is the number one factor that determines speed and precision. Computer-assisted design programs can be used to create new patterns that have greater intricacy than was previously possible. CNC-controlled machines such as milling machines, bridge saws, and routing machines maximize precision, ensuring that the stone is cut to fit exactly.

The Natural Stone Advantage

Installing stone countertops is one way to position your business in the marketplace. Stone has been, through the centuries, associated with fine art and architecture, and it creates a feeling of elegance and luxury in any room. As well, stone countertops or accents add value to your property.
Visit a stone supplier today, and bring beautiful, natural stone to your business!

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